Chile, Itata, Itata

We love wine ​ We love wine!... And we love authentic wines. When I came back from a long 10 year journey to different part of the "wine world" and landed in Itata, I could not believe these steep slopes with old bush vines have been neglected for more than 300 years. While living in South Africa for 3 years I tasted what sort of wine one can possibly achieve with Bush Vines, and so with a friend we started this small dream of making the wines we would like to drink!! The Itata Magic Vineyards home for the ROGUE VINE A healthy 90 y.o. vine of Malbec The beautiful viticulture of Itata. Soil profiling essential for Reverse Winemaking Nothing is as rewarding as making wine with friends ​​Philosophy​ Here in ITATA the vines thrive in spectacular hills without being irrigated. A beautiful scenary!!. We spend a lot of time walking these steep hills looking for the small Terroir units we want to work with. We do not interfere with the Terroir. The winemaking is very simple, we use only native yeast, we make no corrections, only very lttile sulfur is added prior to bottling and we use only old barrels to mature the wines, and in this way allow the complexity of each site to develop. ​Old vines: Balance ​ The old non irrigated or dryland Bush Vines have achieved an amazing balance with its environment in Itata. This balance means that finding vines that are over 100 years old vines is not rare here!. The weathered granitic hills provide a extraordinary environment for root growth. The deep rooting in the search for water and the extraordinary water regulation of the granite soils results in an extremely well-balanced vine vigour. ​​Revolution: Wine Diversity Revolutionary wines point towards wine diversity. We want to make a different wine style. Wines with a strong sense of origin. Honest and authentic wines. Wines that reflects the uniqueness of the Itata Hills: freshness, natural acidity and low alcohols levels.