Les Vins Pirouettes, it is: - A wonderful project, creating a great series of natural wines developed in close collaboration between several small, independent winemakers, organic as well as biodynamic: Stéphane, Julien, Eric, Hubert & Christian, René to name a few… - An energetic team including: Pierre and Xavier, two exceptional young winemakers, very much committed to the tenants they accompany and passionate about natural winemaking; Vanessa, our commercial director, who is totally dedicated to wines composed 100 % of grapes and happy to promote these people and their wines, which are so closely related to their environmental and human values. And finally myself, an Alsatian winemaker, committed to the tradition of natural wines for the last 20 years. - A support of the winemakers within the Pirouettes project in the winemaking process and marketing of their wines. Together, we develop these wines at each site. Each winemaker has his own universe, specific character, history, which are respected and we dare say revealed in these Pirouettes blends.

A unique adventure in partnership!

Why do we call it “Pirouettes”? - Because we are having great fun with this project, and it gives us great joy! - Because the blends we make together are like fancy pirouettes – beautiful artistic figures which are the result of a certain know-how. - Because together, we free ourselves from the norms of the masses, from a standardised taste, making room for emotions, something new, and to joy. - Because this project also includes a new way of wine marketing. Note that this is not about usual trading practices.

I am happy to carry out this magnificent project together with my associates. Thanks a million for the trust you have given us!

Christian BINNER – Regional stirrer of emotions