Chile, Itata, Bio Bio

Leo Erazo Lynch is a young winemaker blowing our minds. Building on years of viticultural and winemaking experience across the world, and a Masters in terroir, he returned to his native Chile to make wine under his own name. These are the first wines under his own label.
Leo believes the Itata Valley has some of the most extraordinary geology for vine growing in the world. He selects small parcels of old vines on marginal soils that have never been irrigated nor fertilised. The average of vine is (insert drumroll)... 170 years. The vines have ultra small yield. On the positive, his wines are purposefully structured, driven by fine grained tannins. The cool coastal climate of the Itata Valley allows his fruit to reach full ripeness while never reaching high sugar levels. His wines are light, structured, and complex, speaking to his years of making wine in France and giving us a new take on these old soils.
"In my familiy project in Itata we are committed to produce Terroir wines, to work on organic viticulture and slowly moving into biodynamics, our winemaking is all about natural wines, and we have learning the best materials to age and develop our wines. Our production is small, we are artisanal producers but we aim to produce something special."