Italy, Abruzzo

Franco D’Eusanio, a graduate in agricultural sciences and consultant to the winegrowing industry for many years, found his winery in 1994. With his heartfelt belief in the organic farming philosophy, Franco earned himself the titles of “vinosopher” and “bio-innovator”, his love of Nature dictated by ethical beliefs and his quest to revive tradition for the recovery of equilibrium in the eco-system.
The wines of Chiusa Grande begin almost in reverse, with a philosophical ideal, that is then applied to an appropriate site to achieve the results. Franco D’Eusanio founded Chiusa Grande after working as a consultant to winegrowers for many years. With a genuine conviction in the organic farming belief, and a desire to revive the tradition of an eco-system in equilibrium, the wines are first built on the belief that a love and respect of nature are paramount. The rest follows from there, guided gently, without ego, or eyes towards stylistic demands, but with a heartfelt desire to respect tradition, while utilizing the appropriate modern techniques. A current, and pragmatic approach, to building the wines of the past in the current day, as nature allows.
“The decision to embrace organic agriculture cannot be driven solely by the need to flood the market. The foundation must be one of committed beliefs and a lifestyle attuned to the choices made. We have to understand how farming that relies on intensive use of chemicals will lead us down a blind alley. I believe it’s possible to make a good wine without bowing down to the god of profit, and with an eye to the health of the consumer’s mind and body.” Franco D’Eusanio