Italy, Tuscany, Brunello di Montalcino

Pierre-Jean and Kalyna Monnoyer are the young producers of this fantastic Tenuta. Kalyna's mom bought this land, which was once part of Biondi Santi, in 1997.

Imagine that. Who doesn't want to drink a Brunello from this extra-blue-blooded area of Tuscany, but real, honest and unmanipulated? We love finding “natural” wines from traditional wine regions that are every bit as clean and direct as their conventionally made counterparts. Where the low-intervention, non-manipulated, and low-sulfur processes do nothing to impede the terroir of a region or the enjoyment of the drinker. So, Casa Raia was a major find for this lover of all things Sangiovese.

Farmed with organic and biodynamic techniques, at 1200 ft. altitude on classic limestone and clay soils. This vineyard was once owned by the legendary Biondi-Santi, and replanted 45 years ago, with an additional planting of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot more recently established. These wines are elegant, and thoughtful. All the power of this classic region, with none of the bombast, or heavy oak. They reveal themselves slowly rather than shrieking for attention. Authentic and very small production: approximately 1,500 bottles of Brunello a year. Wines spend a classic 4 years in oak before being bottled. Obviously, the grapes are hand picked and no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides are used in the vineyards.

Pierre-Jean and Kalyna are known to be careful with their land. Meet them, and you'll realise just how true that is.

Real people, real wines!